Hili Properties

Company structure

Hili Properties plc, whose registered office is found at Nineteen Twenty Three, Valletta Road, Marsa, MRS 3000, Malta is a public limited liability company. It is incorporated and registered under the Companies Act, operating and domiciled in Malta, with company registration number C 57954.

The company’s current authorised and issued share capital is €21,600,000 divided into 21,600,000 ordinary shares of a nominal value of €1 each fully paid up. The issued shares in the company are subscribed for, allotted and taken up as fully paid shares by (i) Hili Ventures Limited (C 57902) as to 21,599,998 ordinary shares of €1 each; (ii) 1 ordinary share of €1 is held by APM Holdings Limited (C 30527); and the remaining 1 ordinary share of €1 is held by La Toc Limited (C 11742).